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SSMS compulsory password change

Since 31 May 2018 your password to your SSMS user account must conform to DET password protocols.
Your 'new' password has to be between 7 and 32 characters:
Contain at least one character from at least three of the following sets:
-Uppercase letters (A-Z)
-Lowercase letters (a-z)
-Numerals (0-9)
-Special characters such as ()~`#$*&@^ (do not use single quote, double quote, space bar, semi colon).

User created passwords expire after 126 days and will then need to be renewed.
Temporary passwords expire in 10 days after requesting one from the 'forgotten your password" link.
TThere have been no changes to username or security answer formats


SSMS works on both PC and MAC - supported browsers are IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome - ensure the 'Pop up blocker' option in your browser is OFF (ie. Pop ups are allowed) when using SSMS

You've used SSMS before...

... then log in with your username and password... or recover them using the links provided.

Never used SSMS before?

To apply, put in an application as a new applicant.... after that a username and password will be emailed to you for further use

Areas of Work

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System Requirements

To use SSMS your computer needs to meet some system requirements. A check has been run on your computer and the results are shown below.

System set-up check

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