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VCAL QA panels

VCAL Quality Assurance Positions

The VCAL quality assurance (QA) process ensures that there is a common understanding among teachers regarding assessment judgements and the design of assessment tasks for the three VCAL levels.

The QA process also provides an opportunity for teachers to clarify their ideas about the appropriate VCAL level and tasks for students.

A QA panel, comprising a VCAL Liaison Teacher as facilitator and three VCAL practitioners will be established in each Department of Education and Training region. The panel members must be current VCAL practitioners with a good understanding of the VCAL and curriculum.

The QA process involves meetings in April/May (stage 1) and September/October (stage 2).

Role of the VCAL Liaison Teacher

The role of the VCAL Liaison Teacher is to:

  • chair the regional VCAL QA panel
  • collect QA sample tasks from providers and distribute to QA panel members
  • convene a meeting/s of the QA panel after sample tasks have been submitted by providers
  • follow up any provider who has not submitted sample task by the due date
  • organise the venue/s for both stage 1 and 2 meetings
  • supervise and participate in the quality assurance process of VCAL units
  • ensure that feedback and advice is provided to providers during the quality assurance process
  • prepare a report for the VCAA at the end of each stage of QA
  • participate in VCAA VCAL provider audits
  • forward examples of best practice to the VCAA for publication.

Additional responsibilities of the VCAL Liaison Teacher include:

  • provide advice and support to VCAL Coordinators and teachers in their region during the year
  • liaise with the VCAA central office VCAL team.

Role of QA Panel Member

The role of the QA panel member is to:

  • establish regional benchmarks for consistency in the design and assessment of VCAL units and VCAL unit learning outcomes
  • provide advice to VCAL providers that will enable them to design VCAL unit assessment tasks and to make assessment judgments about successful achievement of the learning outcomes for VCAL unit
  • select examples of best practice VCAL tasks for circulation.

For further information and enquiries relating to VCAL positions such as Quality Assurance Panel Member:
Phone: (03) 9032 1725

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Page last updated: 9 August, 2022