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Examination Development

VCE examinations are set by a panel of writers and reviewed by study specialists and experienced teachers. Individuals appointed to examination panels are chosen for their

  • relevant tertiary qualifications or industry experience
  • experience and expertise in VCE assessment or other relevant forms of assessment
  • knowledge of the relevant VCE study design (or equivalent)
  • appropriate teaching experience
  • other relevant factors.

Setting or reviewing VCE examinations is a rewarding and challenging experience that provides an opportunity to further develop understanding of assessment techniques and to enhance skills in setting examinations.

Examination Panel Chair

The Panel Chair is responsible for managing the setting panel, liaising between the panel and the VCAA Examinations Unit, providing leadership and ensuring compliance with the administrative, quality and security requirements specified by the VCAA throughout the examination development process.

Examination Panel Members

The Panel typically comprises 2–4 members. The Panel develops the examination paper and marking guidelines for the examination and participates in the ongoing development and finalisation of the examination. The number of panel meetings will depend on the nature of the paper.

Examination Reviewers

Draft examinations are reviewed by:

  • a specialist with considerable expertise in the study who checks the theoretical and technical content of the examination (Study Specialist)
  • a teacher with recent experience teaching the study who reviews the examination from a student perspective (Examination Sitter).

These reviewers provide an independent assessment of the draft examination.

For more information about any of these positions please phone the Examinations Unit on (03) 9032 1789

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Page last updated: 21 September, 2016