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Venue Coordination

Includes the roles of Venue Coordinator and Assistant Venue Coordinator for the VCE external assessment of Language Oral, Performance and/or Extended Investigation examinations.

Roles and Responsibilities

Venue Coordinators are responsible for the administration and conduct of Language Oral, Performance and Extended Investigation examinations at official VCAA venues.

The Venue Coordinator (and Assistant Venue Coordinator) is directly involved in ensuring all students are correctly processed, identified and ushered to and from their allocated examination room and other administrative duties that ensure the smooth running of the assessments.

It is expected that Venue Coordinators have a reasonable level of proficiency with basic computer processes.

General timeline

Applications open in March.
Availability survey in May.
Appointments made in August.

Work period

The main work period occurs during October.

Coordinators are usually allocated to one venue for the days at which students are scheduled to be assessed:
•   some venues are more heavily schedules than others (particularly metropolitan)
•   some venues have continuous days of work, others may be one or two days a week
•   some venues have both Performance and Language Orals scheduled, while others are used for the assessment of students in only one of the areas.

Your contact for further information about these roles:
Angie Pellegrino
Phone:(03) 9225 2210

Teresa Zuccolo
Phone:(03) 9225 2211

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