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New Applicants

You have applied for a position using SSMS previously:
If you have applied using SSMS before, then you will have received your username and temporary password by email at that time for future use.
If you cannot find/remember that combination of username and temporary password then use the "forgotten your..." links in the login area.
These links require the use of your preferred email as stored in SSMS.

We strongly recommend you do not re-apply as a new applicant.
Applying as a new applicant effectively means you are re-entering all information that was previously stored on the system.
Once you have an account in most cases all you have to do to re-apply and refresh the application, is make any changes or update entered details as required and resubmit.

If you cannot remember which is your preferred email or it has changed, contact Human Resources Unit for assistance by email or 1800 718 320

You have never applied for a position using SSMS previously:
If you are a new applicant and have never used SSMS before, most applications will require the following specific information to be provided:

  1. Your main personal contact details (eg. address, phone, mobile)
  2. Date of Birth (for verification processes only)
  3. E-mail address (preferred and secondary if possible)
  4. Victorian Institute of Teaching registration number (if applicable)
  5. Referee details
  6. Qualification details.
When you are ready to proceed with your application click the New Applicants button below.

Notes about applying:
There is no capacity to attach a CV; all the relevant information we need is captured in the application. You need to move quickly through the application and submit due to time restrictions (you will be timed out if you take too long). Once an application has been approved for processing, new applicants will receive their username and temporary password by email shortly after. For every application lodged, the applicant will get an acknowledgement receipt by automatic email from SSMS.

New Applicants: