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Curriculum Roles

VCE Assessment Handbook Writers

VCE assessment handbooks are a companion document to VCE study designs and are current for the accreditation period of the study. They bring together information on, and assessment advice for, VCE studies. Using a template provided by the VCAA, writers prepare performance descriptors for each outcome in Units 3 and 4 to assist teachers in marking School-assessed Coursework.

Writers also provide examples of different approaches to planning and administering coursework assessment for one outcome in each of Unit 3 and Unit 4.

VCE Review Panels

Individual VCE studies are periodically reviewed by the VCAA and reaccredited by the VQA. As part of this process of continuous improvement and reaccreditation, VCE review panels are formed comprising a range of representatives who review, evaluate and develop VCE curriculum.

Panel meetings are held at a set time and place established by mutual agreement and accommodating the majority interest of the panel.

VCE Study Design Writers

VCE study design writers are expected to participate on the VCE review panels and attend all review panel meetings and meetings with curriculum managers as required. VCE study design writers prepare drafts as directed during the review process.

In developing draft material and the final proposal of the study designs, the writers take into account the reports on stakeholder responses to consultation drafts and the recommendations of the VCE review panels.

VCE Text Advisory Panels

Text advisory panels advise the VCAA on appropriate texts for inclusion in text lists for the following studies: Classical Societies and Cultures, Dance, Drama, English/ESL, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Texts and Traditions and Theatre Studies. Participation on VCAA text advisory panels provides participants with the opportunity for professional interaction with colleagues and familiarity with a broad range of current publications. Text advisory panels meet regularly during specified periods of the year.

Members of text advisory panels must ensure that they are familiar with the details of the currently accredited study designs, and in particular, with the role of text within them.

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