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VCE School-based Assessment

Sessional employment in the school-based assessment area is as a VCE State Reviewer. The State Reviewer is a paid position and the appointee is required to undertake a range of activities including participation in the delivery of VCAA professional learning programs, providing feedback and advice to schools, assisting in the preparation of published advice, conducting School-assessed Coursework and School-assessed Task audits and preparing feedback as a result of the annual audits. It is desirable that a VCE State Reviewer is currently teaching, or has recently taught, the study at Units 3 and 4 level.

VCE State Reviewers are appointed for two years commencing 1 January of the first year of appointment and concluding 31 December at the end of the appointment period.

A VCE State Reviewer:

  • audits school-based assessment materials in the annual VCAA audit program
  • provides valuable professional development and training sessions in assessment
  • has broad experience of student responses and insight into varied approaches to task and topics
  • participates in professional interaction with colleagues.

For further information or enquiries relating to the position of VCE State Reviewer:
Phone: (03) 9032 1725

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Page last updated: 21 September, 2016