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VCE assessors - external assessments

The VCAA appoints assessors to mark VCE external assessments as follows:

  • General Achievement Test (GAT) - June
  • Extended Investigation: Critical Thinking Test - August
  • Music Style and Composition Externally-assessed Task - September
  • Extended Investigation: Externally-assessed Task written report - September
  • VCE written examinations - October/November
  • Performance examinations - October/November
  • Languages oral examinations - October
  • Extended Investigation: Oral presentation - October.

VCE assessors are selected on the basis of their qualifications, knowledge of the study, teaching experience and any previous experience assessing VCE or other external assessments.

Assessing provides teachers with an opportunity to:

  • gain a greater understanding of the standard expected of students
  • participate in discussions which establish clear and consistent assessment benchmarks
  • contribute to the VCE external assessment process
  • participate in a VIT recognised Professional Development opportunity
  • network with colleagues from around the State.

Assessors are required to attend a compulsory full day training meeting to obtain specific information related to marking the external assessment. Training meetings are usually from 9.00am - 5.00pm and may be held on weekends.

Assessors are required to:

  • mark an allocation of student responses
  • mark according to an agreed assessment guide
  • adhere to important marking procedures, schedule deadlines and confidentiality requirements.

For further information about being a VCE assessor refer to one or more of the following:

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Page last updated: 25 April, 2016